Information Technology

information technology

Successful businesses require employees to have a number of interpersonal and digital skills. The digital age is expanding into all areas of our lives including our careers. In the modern workplace, digital skills are highly valued and will soon become vital.

Office assistant positions can be found in all industries, and share a rather large set of skills. Whether the office belongs to a law firm, a medical practice, an educational institution, or a corporation, the needs are similar; somebody has to file records, maintain schedules, and take care of routine communication on behalf of the people who use the office.

That somebody could be you.

Professional Office Assistant

The Professional Office Assistant Program focuses on developing the students’ computer skills, soft skills, and office skills training needed in the workplace. Our computer training includes Microsoft Office Programs. The goal of this program is to prepare Office Assistant students for employment in an office setting.

Note: Completion of a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency is preferred and often required for employment.

Location: Chavez Campus

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