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ESL / Citizenship / Adult Basic Education / High School Equivalency

High School Diploma

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Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday
8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Friday 8:30 am – 12:00  pm

Registration Location:
2500 Stanislaus
Fresno, Ca. 93721

Official, sealed transcripts are required at time of registration, orientation/assessment for students wishing to enroll in the High School Diploma program.

High School Diploma students cannot begin coursework without attending a face-to-face meeting with their counselor.

View our student orientation HERE

Quick Review of Registration:

1) Fill out a registration form in-person

2) Bring your photo ID to Fresno Adult School Registration Office

3) Complete a CASAS placement assessment (not required for most CTE courses)

4) Receive a schedule and a date to begin classes

Please note:  Time it takes to register may vary depending on program and time of year.

CTE please allow 1-2 hours
All other programs, please allow 2-3 hours

Transcript Requests:

Fresno Adult School-High school program transcripts can be requested in-person at Fresno Adult School for a fee of $6.  There will be a 10-15 day turn-around for all transcripts.

CTE transcripts can be requested in-person at Fresno Adult School for a fee of $6.  There will be a 10-15 day turn-around for all transcripts.

April 22 - 24, 2024WASC Visitation8:00 AM8:00 PM



June 12 – July 31 Pre-registration for New Students

August 1 – 4 – Pre-registration of new students’ returns for  CASAS placement assessment/Schedule Pick-up

August 1 – Registration Opens for Everyone

August 9 – Buyback Day

August 10 & 11 – Institute Day

August 14 – Classes Begin

September 4 – Labor Day

October 9 – Buyback Day – No Classes

November 10 – Veterans’ Day

November 20 – November 24 – Thanksgiving Break

December 18 – January 5 – Winter Break


January 8 – First Day Back from Winter Break

January 15 – M.L. King, Jr. Day

February 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday

February 19 – Presidents’ Day

March 4 – Buyback Day – No Classes

March 25 – April 1 – Spring Break

May 27 – Memorial Day

June 6 – Last Day of School

June 19 – Juneteenth Holiday – No School

Preparing to apply for a Paraprofessional job with Fresno Unified School District?

Visit Fresno Unified Job Openings to view career opportunities

TABE EXAM (NCLB Requirement)

This exam is offered to those who have not yet met the 48 college units or NCLB compliant requirement.

Sign up to take the exam by visiting Community Education Career Enhancement – TABE or prepare by obtaining the skills through our Paraprofessional Program (exam is free at the end of the course).

Upcoming TABE Exam Dates/Times:

Fresno Adult School1081/11/2024Thursday8:30 to 12:30
Fresno Adult School1081/25/2024Thursday1:00 to 5:00
Fresno Adult School1082/8/2024Thursday8:30 to 12:30
Fresno Adult School1082/22/2024Thursday1:00 to 5:00
Fresno Adult School1083/7/2024Thursday8:30 to 12:30
Fresno Adult School1083/21/2024Thursday1:00 to 5:00
Fresno Adult School1084/11/2024Thursday8:30 to 12:30
Fresno Adult School1084/25/2024Thursday1:00 to 5:00
Fresno Adult School1085/9/2024Thursday8:30 to 12:30
Fresno Adult School1085/23/2024Thursday1:00 to 5:00

Please register at least 24hrs in advance at Community Education Career Enhancement.


After test takers pass both portions (Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension), the Department of English Learners Services will schedule them for the oral portion of the exam.

Sign up to take the exam by visiting Community Education Career Enhancement – BIA.

Upcoming BIA Exam Dates/Times:

Fresno Adult School1081/16/2024Tuesday8:30 to 11:00
Fresno Adult School1082/13/2024Tuesday8:30 to 11:00
Fresno Adult School1083/12/2024Tuesday8:30 to 11:00
Fresno Adult School1084/16/2024Tuesday8:30 to 11:00
Fresno Adult School1085/14/2024Tuesday8:30 to 11:00

Please register at least 24hrs in advance at Community Education Career Enhancement – BIA.

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Career & Technical Education

Prepare for your new career by receiving the training and certificate in one of our pathways.

Adult Secondary Education

Earn your High School Diploma or prepare to pass your High School Equivalency Exam.

English as a Second Language & Citizenship Programs

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program focuses on supporting students to gain essential English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while learning how to civically engage with the community.

Classes are offered on site at the César Chávez Education Center located at 2500 E. Stanislaus Ave., Fresno CA 93721 and at neighboring schools with Fresno Unified School District.  Please read below to learn about the ESL classes offered at satellite sites near you! 

Community Education

Engage in learning that utilizes non-credit courses to engage the brain, heighten physical activity, and maintain social relationships.