High School Diploma Program


The High School Diploma (HSD) program offers a wide variety of educational classes in order for the continuing learner to earn their high school diploma. Most credit bearing classes are offered through Edgenuity, with some traditional on campus classes available. All high school diploma classes are offered in person, with some on-line options available to eligible students.

We also have the Adult Transition Program that serves the needs of special education students (ages 18-22yrs) which include the completion of their high school diploma and worksite training.

Students are currently required to have their own device (technology) to attend any remote only classes (must meet eligibility requirements).  

ASE Desk (559) 457-6000

Graduation Credit Requirements (180):

Subject AreaCredits Required
Life Science10
Physical Science10
World History10
US History10
World Language/Arts10

Fresno Adult School (High School program transcripts only ) can be requested in-person at Fresno Adult School for a fee of $6.  There will be a 10-15 day turn-around for all transcripts.

ase – high school diploma program

Both day and evening classes are available to students working to complete their high school diploma requirements: 

Traditional/Direct Instruction: Fresno Adult offers in person instruction for English and Algebra classes for students who prefer in class instruction with a dedicated teacher.

Edgenuity on Campus and Remote Options: Edgenuity is an on-line high school diploma program that offers all required courses needed for graduation.  Edgenuity is offered in an on campus setting where a teacher supports students with the following: Opening tests, tutoring, new course assignment support, 1:1 student progress review, etc.

Students work on-site with and Edgenuity instructor in our Edgenuity Lab (Room 210/211).

Students can work with their counselor and teacher to check remote Edgenuity eligibility and requirements. Classes are self-paced and with the expectation that students meet weekly with their instructor and are making progress in their course completions. 

Classes are offered Monday/Wednesday & Tuesday/Thursday.

Students will have a choice of the following times:

PERIOD 1          8:30 – 11:30

PERIOD 4          5:30 – 8:30

Edgenuity open lab hours for 2023-2024 TBD

How do I register for classes?

Official, sealed transcripts are required at time of registration, orientation/assessment for students wishing to enroll in the High School Diploma program.

High School Diploma students cannot begin coursework without attending a face-to-face meeting with their counselor.