High School Subjects/Independent Study


Independent Study allows students to earn their high school diploma while studying at home. Students will come once a week to meet with a teacher to share assignments and to test. Independent Study may be combined with High School classes in order to earn a high school diploma. The Fresno Unified School District issues a regular high school diploma when all courses have been successfully completed. All classes are free of charge to students who do not possess a high school diploma.

Anyone 18 or older may attend as long as they are not enrolled in a regular K-12 high school at the same time. (Exception to this age limit may be made for pregnant and teen parent students.)

All students working toward their high school diploma MUST see a counselor to preregister. All registration is by appointment. New students need to bring a transcript of all credits earned from ALL high schools attended. Call 457-6003 to make an appointment to register for high school classes and 457-6003 for independent study. Open entry - enroll at any time!

• Earn High School Credits while studying at home
• Course work is done through packets
• Each packet is worth one credit
• Complete packets while at home
• Meet with a teacher once a week
• Open from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm
• Diploma issued upon successful completion
• May be combined with Traditional High School
  Program and High School Lab